JINGYAN CHEM (H.K.) LIMITED is founded by several outstanding Chinese factories   - Details
Our company JINGYAN CHEM (H.K.) LIMITED is founded by several outstanding Chinese factories, we focus on selling our own produced products, which are high quality chemical raw materials with applications in the glass (TV glass, optical glass, common glass), ceramics (advanced ceramic, electronic ceramic), construction (bricks, tiles), magnet industries etc. Our own produced products include BARIUM CARBONATE TITANIUM DIOXIDE (Anatase annual output above 20000mt ....)

Customs Union of Belarus, news, people   - Details
Objective news, customs union with Belarus. Independent news Review of the customs union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. All the hot news of the Customs Union objective, events, incidents, facts. Web portal

Online shop of Hair Wax Depilation products   - Details
High quality beauty products for depilation with wax. In our web store you will find hair wax products and equipment for perfect depilation

Customs Union of Kazakhstan, the latest news   - Details
Portal of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia. News Review news about a customs union and customs Russia and Kazakhstan. Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, personalities, news. Our portal

GeneOn Germany   - Details
GeneOn is producer and trader for Molecular Biology products

Wuhan EnTai Technology Development Co,.Ltd   - Details
We provide fine chemicals, organic intermediates, natural products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and APIs for major pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. We can supply some of order synthesiswe believes in that technology, creativity, talents, and management are the keys for the development of an enterprise. integrity, innovation, permanence, service are our values.

Pharmaceutical exporters in India, Medicine Exporters.   - Details
Cooper Pharma Limited is headquartered in Delhi, the capital city of India, has a powerful element of social responsibility inscribed in its' values and its' concern for the society beyond its' business motives. Alleviation of the sufferings of mankind, availability of the medicines to all at affordable price without any discrimination and continued efforts to improve the quality of the medicines are our values and mission.

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